Monday, September 6, 2010

Chemmanur International Jewelers

Chemmanur International Jewelers necklace designs
Chemmanur International Jewelers in this business from 1863. They have opened their new show room recently at Ampa Skywalk Mall, Aminjikarai, Nelson Manickam Road Junction, Chennai. The varieties and designs in the shop are marvelous. From September 1st 2010, they are selling gold Rs.150/- less per gram. For example if the rate of 1 gram gold is Rs.1750/- they are selling it at the rate of Rs.1600/- per gram. They import 24 karat Gold from London directly, they are able to sell at this rate.
Chemmanur International Jewelery
They are selling gold, diamond, platinum, precious gems, birth stone jewels etc. The wide variety of traditional designs, fashion jewels and the house collections such Myown, Moghul, and the International brands of Asmi, Nakshatra are available for your selection. In their show rooms, the exclusive Italian collections of wedding bands in 18 K yellow gold are also available. All the Diamonds sold here are comes with 100% buyback guarantee.
Chemmanur International Jewelers designs
If you purchase diamond jewellery for Rs.10,000/- you will get Rs.3000/- reduction and for Rs.50,000/- they will give you Rs.15,000/- discount and if you purchase for Rs.1,00,000/- the discount will be Rs.30,000/-
Chemmanur International Jewelers Ruby jewels

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