Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pothys Aadi sale

Trisha in Pothys Sarees

Trisha in Pothys Sari stills

Pothys Aadi sale is going on. Pothys designer sarees, varieties of silk sarees like Samundrika Pattu, Kancheepuram silk, Vastrakala pattu, pure silk cotton sarees, Parampara Pattu are liked by all. Pothys has all types of dresses for all age of men and women and attractive ready-made garments for children.

During this Aadi sale they give various gifts to their customers like suitcase (for purchase above 30,000), bag (for purchases above Rs.10,000), etc. The piggy bank gifts to children is liked by all. Piggy Banks given by Pothys encourages children to save money. The different types of piggy banks are car, house, spider man,Scooby dooby doo, etc.

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