Monday, July 15, 2013

KFJ Bond of Gold

When you invest in KFJ's Bondof Gold, the quantity of gold you want is booked today at Rs.1999/- per gram and after 5 years since the return is the same pre-determined quanity of gold, the investor is protected from the devaluation of Rupees. For example, if you invest one lakh in KFJ's bond of gold scheme, you get 50 gms of gold.  After 5 years even if the price of gold is Rs.5000 per gram, 50 grams gold will be worth Rs.2.5 lakh and the profit is 1.5 lakhs.  Pay 10% and book now and Balance 90% in 3 EMIs.  Minimum booking is 50 grams.  Redeem your investment as 916 Hallmark gold jewellery on maturity.

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